Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Google map help us by estimating the time taken from one place to another and i think it really help those foreigners if they come by google map singapore!

My map to Sst

my bus ride to sst!!

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This is not my first time creating a blog but i think my previous blog will not be as good as the blog i am going to make in the future when i am in Sst. I think that blogging will help us express our feelings and to write about all things that had happen in a day.I think that blogging can post a question or a subject that people will discuss about it or leave some comments and it really helps if i am in a dilemma!!!
This is the best image to represents my feeling and how i reacts when i received the letter that i have been posted to Sst. I felt relieved as this school is a new school where everyone will try their very best to be selected to study in this school and i can't believe it that i was one of the selected!!